Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflective Post

Final Post

        Technology is something that no matter what corner of the world you go to you will find it. It is use in school and at home of every student in very high percentages. It is very important for the teachers to learn technology skills in order to teach this digital generation that is growing up. My experience in  EME 2040 was something that I have not experience in any of my other  classes in high school and even college.
I was introduced to new things and had my eyes opened to the technology world and found out more than I thought was out there. At the beginning of this class if you were to ask me if I think technology plays an important role in education I would probably answered no. This class allowed me to experience technology and learn different methods of using technology in my future classrooms. With website like, I learned new ways to save my favorite website and access them anywhere online. 
The projects we did in class, the wiki , e porfolio, webquest and PowerPoint will be very beneficial to my teaching career.

At the end of it all I was able to have hands on experience with educational media, emerging technologies, hardware, soft ware. My eyes were more open to the legal and ethical issues that might arises with technology and how to avoid them. Every time I step into class I learned something new, that’s how every class should be. Due my short attention span staying focus throughout a whole two hours and forty minute class would have not been easy but with this class I did better than any of my other classes. The only thing I would change about this class would be to add more hands on technology into the lessons and add more activities that involve us moving and being active. Other than that, I had a great experience.!


Hamilton, P. (Director). (2012). Technology in Education : YouTube.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal Post #11

How can teachers use digital porfolios as tools for learning?

Digital teaching porfolio is a collection of educational and professional materials that are stored in electronic format. Its a collection of material that shows what teacher have done and growth through out their career overtime. Beginning to build a digital teaching porfolio as soon as you start taking education courses is a way to keep all the activities and ideas from classes. As ta teacher begin to teach they can continue to add and build their digital portfolio. They can allow parent and student the chance to know get to know them through the digital portfolio and what their learning style is. The parents and student can have a better understanding of who is teaching them or teaching their kids. 

Tech Tool- TaskStream

TaskStream one of many ePortfolio and assessment solution. Students and teachers are able to collect their work and publish an electronic portfolio that provides actual evidence of achievement for students, as well as an assessment tool for later on in their career.

Summary and Connection 

This chapter focused on engaging students in performance assessment and reflective learning. It disscussed how to get students involve in their own learning and curricullum. By doing that the students are not only more involve but they also know what is required of them. By having something such as a rubric can guide a student to fully understand what work deserve a 10 out of 10 compare to a 3 out of 10. I did not use to bother to look at rubrics, but after a teacher brought up the topic in class on how important it is to know what you are being graded on. I try to make it a point to look back on every rubric after every assignment, if one is provided for me.  


Maloy, R. W., Verock-O, R. E., Edwards, S. A., & Woolf, B. P. (2010).Transforming learning with new technologies. Allyn & Bacon

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Journal Post #10

Focus Question- How can teachers use technology to create technology to create universal designed classrooms? 

Teachers can come up with multiples means of presentation to give learners various ways to to be engage in a lesson. It is simple as using a PowerPoint to display a vocabulary on the board for students . Computer  technology allows what could of never been before possible implementations of universal design in the classrooms. A universal designed classroom give students multiple means of presentation, expression and engagement. 

Tech Tool- Calculator 

Sometimes with a low budget classroom it’s very hard to provide all the necessities or equipment such as calculators for the whole class. Web 2.0 Calc is a free online scientific calculator that can be embedded on your website or blog. Therefore if student or teacher can’t provide a scientific calculator, which can be expensive, it is provided for them. The size of the calculator screen expands on an iPad so younger students can touch and access it easily.

Summary and Connection

This chapter touches base on how all students can find success through technology, students with different background, cultures, and experiences. Coming from a background of low income if was not for the classroom computer I do not think I would of known what a computer even was. Technology creates a universal design for me that allow me to have multiples mean of presentation, expression and engagement.  With that being capable because of technology I can see how technology  can romotes success for all different type of students. 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jornal post #9

Focus Question- What is multimedia technology and how can teachers use it to effectively create and share visual information dynamically in their teaching?


Multimedia means to combine multiple media such as text data, voice, picture and video. The more we learn how our students learn, we will be able cover every aspect of their learning preferences. Multimedia caters to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic students. By using  a video in the classroom, the visual learners can see what is been done or said ,whereas before they would simply have a teacher in front of the classroom reciting information back to them. With multimedia teacher can have more of an impact on their students and on the way they learn.

Tech Tool- Teacher Tube 

Many people are familiar with a website name YouTube where you can view any type of videos from childbirth to leaning your ABC’s. Teacher tube is similar to YouTube, hence the name teacher tube. The only exception is the videos featured in the website are centralized around education. The videos are made by students or teacher to serve an education purpose. The website was launched in 2007, as of right now there are materials for students in first grade through high school and even advance classes or level.

Conclusion and Connection

Multimedia is something that should be use in every classroom, not only is it a fun tool for the students and teacher. It brings teaching up to date, students doesn't learn with a black board and chalk anymore, they need something to capture their attention. I noticed even in I have more success with a professor that uses multimedia in the classroom than a professor who simply does lectures. Students need something to capture their attention and that is what multimedia do. A lecture done with videos and images is much more effective than just a monotone teacher in front of classroom presenting information. This chapter focuses on the creativity and options multimedia technologies bring to the classroom.


Maloy, R. W., Verock-O, R. E., Edwards, S. A., & Woolf, B. P. (2010).Transforming learning with new technologies. Allyn & Bacon

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Journal Post #8

Focus Question-  How can teachers use email or text messaging to foster information exchanges with and among students?

Teachers use email or text messaging  to communicate with students . Text messages are a way to send short messages through cellular devices and as the years go back teenagers managed to shorten multiple words in order to make the message quick and simple. Emails are a more professional route for students and teachers to communicate but for a class assignment or exercise text messages are being use more often. Text messages are able to get students involve in the lessons more than they would usually.

Tech Tool - Class website 

Classroom Website ExampleA class website is primarily for educational activities of a teacher and classroom. The website focuses on student work and it also provide information about the teacher.It is what college students would call a syllabus, it provides information about homework, assignments , dates for exams , and schedules of school events.It allows student to keep track of their work and a chance to know ahead of time what is due. Easy Site is a website design for teacher to create their own classroom websites. 

Conclusion and Connection

     It has come as a surprise to me that teachers would even considered using cellphones in a lesson plan. Going through school, there was always a big sign posted on the teachers board with a picture of a cellphone and a big X going through it. In high school it has always been a big don't to be even seen with a cellphone in a class. The schools system and teachers are changing and the new policy Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is allowing a broader understanding of the students and a better way to communicate.This chapter explore the different ways technology , and social media can be use to communicate with students and email and texting is one of the most  effective ways.

Maloy, R. W., Verock-O, R. E., Edwards, S. A., & Woolf, B. P. (2010).Transforming learning with new technologies. Allyn & Bacon.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journal post # 7

Focus Question - What are digital games for learning and how can students and teachers use them successfully?

        Digital games for learning are games that emphasized in active learning , sustained  concentration and focus and innovative approaches to problem solving. In order to use the digital games for learning successfully you have to minimize those that teach isolated skills. Choose games that are not solely base on winning or losing points. Discuss game content with student is also important and actually playing games with students.

Tech tool-  Rocket Math

Rocket Math is a game that is available on iPads and iPhones. Kids are able to build and change their rockets base on  how many problems they solve. With the points they earn they can even buy parts for their rockets. This app is a great way to capture the kids attentions and keep them interested.

Summary and connection 

                  This chapter explore the option of softwares, apps and games bring to the education.  At one of my observation at a North Naples Middle School I witness how technology enhanced education today.One of the teacher's had the opportunity to try out an iClass. He was provided with iPads and apps for his students and himself. His whole lesson have to involve technology and at the end he have to report what was good and bad about technology in the classroom. When I asked him what would he report at the end of the year, he simply said as of right now the only bad thing about this is every teacher don't have it in their class.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Journal Post #6

What are different types of educational websites available on the internet?

Educational websites are websites that provides digital content specifically designed to support k-12 curriculum learning. There are six types of educational websites, they are lesson plan, student to expert communication, real time and recorded data,archival and primary source, skill/practice and exploration and discovery. Lesson plan websites offers ideas for classroom lessons and lesson plans with step by step methods and procedures. Student-to -expert communication websites are websites where students in K-12 can exchange ideas and information between students.Real time and recorded data websites are present time information about different types of scientific phenomena. Archival and primary source websites allows students to conduct historical investigations skills practice websites offer subject -specific activities for students at all grade levels and exploration and discovery websites provide opportunities for students to engage in online explorations of topics of interest. 

Tech Tools - iNaturalist

This website is an interesting website where students can view and upload photos of animals plans from around the world. There are pictures posted on the website from Africa , Italy, Spain, and many more. To go beyond pictures, there are nature scientists they can communicate with as well. It is an example of real time and recorded data website.

Summary and connection

The chapter was about the various educational websites and app there are and how they are contributing to education and changing the way we teach the children of the future. Cellphone are one of the things we can't spend a day without using in today society, that's understandable because with a simple click we have access to the world wide web. Educational apps made it possible to access more resourceful information easier and quicker. Luminosity is an app that allows people to train their memories and multitasking abilities,I downloaded the app two days ago and I'm obsess with it.I look at it as being a good thing, instead of wasting my time with an app that I learn or gain nothing from, I'm educating and improving myself.


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